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Harness the power of Maya's nCloth with Basic nCloth Lessons. The lessons and accompanying scene files walk you through the fundamentals of nCloth. Start by draping a tarp onto a truck. Then blow it off with cinematic style wind. Next up, have the truck drive through the cloth, tearing a hole in the middle of it.

nCloth is great for fabric, but it can also replicate metal and glass. It's destruction time! Smash the vehicle's windows and crush the hood. For the grand finally, send the truck over a cliff. Sit back and watch the vehicle roll over and over, denting, dinging, and crushing with each tumble. Get all of this and more with the power of nCloth and the Basic nCloth Lessons.


• Six in-depth lessons in PDF form ready for print.

• Incrementally saved Maya scene files for each lesson.

• Learn the basics of nCloth workflow with step by step instructions and detailed explanations.

• Setup and animate soft and rigid objects.

• Comparison animations of different attributes and how they effect the simulation.

• Models, animation, and fully lit scenes included.

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