Creature Concepts: A Look into Pre-Production Design (Instant Download)

Creature Concepts: A Look into Pre-Production Design (Instant Download)

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Good ideas come from good pre-production. Without it, even the greatest of ideas fail. Pre-production is not just necessary, it is vital to bringing characters to life. Creature Concepts instructs you from the ground up on how to design, draw, sculpt, mold, and paint every aspect of your characters evolution.

More than just a book, it is a bible for anyone developing characters, whether you are into film, games, or toy design. Each chapter is filled with industry proven tips, techniques, step by step tutorials, and material lists.

Book Features

• Full Color Chapters.

• Follow the entire pre-production process of character design, from forming an idea, to airbrushing a molded maquette.

• Learn how to design characters, draw concept art, create orthographic schematics for 3D models, sculpt maquettes, make molds for replication, and airbrush.

• Practical exercises for brainstorming a concept are taught in length; before pencil is put to paper.

• Learn all forms of character design work, from monsters to humans, to aliens and creatures.

• Go beyond concept art and fully explore the Pre-Production process, including sculpting likenesses.

• Mold making techniques take Maquette making beyond just sculpting, teaching otherwise hard to learn knowledge.

• Discover airbrush painting and step by step operation of an airbrush.

• All processes and techniques demonstrated with detailed step by step photographs, follow along tutorials, and materials list.

• Ideal for filmmakers, toy designers, and game artists.

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